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“It takes a minute to adjust to what's happening. Then it suddenly becomes interactive and you can see it in different perspectives. It's just really fun - that's the best part about it.”
— Viewer, Berlin Light Festival
“It's way more fun to look at, because you somehow interact with it. You don't just have an image - you can play with it and decide if you want to see it or not.”
— Viewer, Berlin Light Festival
“It's about catching people's attention when they least know it. And you did it right! I would want to know more about it.”
— Viewer, London

Introducing ECHO from Lightvert


Unlock new premium advertising real estate

Premium advertising real estate is increasingly difficult to find. ECHO holds the key to a new limitless supply. Using the persistence of vision (PoV) effect, it produces a huge, virtual, fleeting image from just a single, thin vertical line of light. The entire system can be fixed permanently to buildings or deployed for temporary purposes through our proprietary mobile vehicle, with install or uninstall completed in 30 minutes.

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Bigger, better viewer engagement

ECHO displays are different from traditional screens and posters. They stop people in their tracks and get them talking and sharing. We've staged displays in different cities around the world and found they have engaged people of all ages. This is why brands like Marriott and AB Inbev include ECHO media in their out of home campaigns. But don't take our word for it, watch the video.

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  • Surprise your audience

    ECHO-generated ads are big, captivating and memorable. Most importantly, they surprise, tease and engage viewers.

  • Surprise your audience

    Marriott Hotels lit up the South Bank with images of iconic landmarks as part of the Group’s Travel Brilliantly campaign. Go to news for more information.

  • Surprise your audience

    Here’s what we displayed at Berlin’s EUREF Campus, as part of Berlin Light Festival 2017.

  • Nike Stadium 2
  • Marriot Night
  • Emoticon
What industry leaders say
“The Marriott activation in December was an outstanding success. Having seen the Echo technology in action, I am confident that this new medium has a place in the out of home market.”
— Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation & Head of Kinetic Active
“I believe that Lightvert will provide a strong value proposition to the medium and high rise property market.
— Jonathan Holmes - Savilles - Director of UK Investments
“This is exciting. Technology that frees up the mind to new creative possibilities has to be a good thing.”
— Simon Dicketts - M&C Saatchi - Executive Creative Director
“I am sure that the uniqueness of the concept would offer both a very exciting opportunity to building owners, alongside the potential for an added value income stream.”
— Ian Anderson - Cushman & Wakefield - Senior Director Planning and Development

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We are actively looking for launch partners. Find out how we can work together to deliver an extraordinary brand experience with this revolutionary out-of-home advertising medium.

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