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Company Updates 27th September 2017  By Daniel Siden

Progress update on ECHO

It’s been a busy few months since we closed our seed funding round and we’ve made excellent progress.

The first commercial ECHO projector unit is ready for testing and we will be putting it through its paces at Berlin’s EUREF Campus, as part of Berlin Light Festival at the end of this month. We are also collaborating with Central St Martins in a competition which will see its BA and MA students developing content for an ECHO display and producing video to promote the medium. The content will be the focus of a demonstration at Granary Square in London in October.

Through discussion with brands and media agencies we have identified demand for a mobile ECHO installation, in addition to one attached to a building. We have designed and constructed an ECHO projector display unit which is entirely self-contained in a van. The van can drive to almost any location and deploy a 20m tall ECHO image within one hour of arriving. This is an exciting development which is ideal for sports venues, shopping centres, film launches and more.

ECHO continues to attract interest from media agencies. We have signed an agreement with BrightstoneME, for representation in the UAE and completed our sales documentation with the support of Kinetic Worldwide. Discussions are ongoing with a view to signing our first contract in the next few months.

Stay tuned here for our next update!

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