Marriott Travel Brilliantly Campaign
Company Updates 21st December 2017  By Daniel Siden

Marriott and Kinetic light up London’s South Bank in futuristic out-of-home advertising campaign

Marriott Hotels has partnered with out-of-home advertising specialist Kinetic to deliver a futuristic new outdoor advertising campaign that will see images of iconic European landmarks beamed to audiences on London’s South Bank.

Launching at 4pm today, the three-day campaign will see visions of the landmarks ‘projected’ out across the Thames from Observation Point. The public will be challenged to capture the image on their mobile and share it for a chance to win travel vouchers.

As well as the magical imagery, the experiential campaign will also entertain audiences with festive music and free samples from a hot chestnut cart.

The campaign, a continuation of Marriott Hotels’ Travel Brilliantly campaign, marks the world’s first commercial use of ECHO technology developed by British start-up Lightvert. While viewers are given the impression that the dramatic images are projected into the night sky, they are in fact ‘printed’ temporarily and safely onto the viewer’s eye using the persistence of vision (PoV) effect.

The campaign has been co-ordinated by Out-of-Home specialist agency Kinetic in association with media, content and technology agency Wavemaker. Kinetic has partnerships with a number of innovative start-up firms, including Lightvert, as part of its technology incubator, KineticX.

Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation, at Kinetic said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Marriott on this campaign. Lightvert’s ECHO technology is a real glimpse into the future, bringing something very special to audiences on the move and taking Out-of-Home to a completely new level for advertisers.”

John Licence, VP Premium & Select Brands Europe at Marriott International, said:

“We wanted to bring a magical new experience to London this Christmas and this campaign does exactly that by mixing cutting-edge technology with iconic imagery of beautiful landmarks that will appeal to anyone with a sense of wanderlust.

“We are very proud to work with Kinetic as the first advertiser to use this technology. It fits with Marriott’s approach of bringing consumers new experiences enabled by technology, and we really hope this campaign brings a little unexpected magic to those travelling along the South Bank at this special time of year.”

Dan Siden, Founder and CEO, Lightvert said:

“This is an exciting milestone for us. As a British start-up, we are delighted that our first commercial installation is in London and in partnership with Marriott Hotels, a global brand. The creative approach used by Kinetic is perfect for ECHO and we are really looking forward to seeing how the public responds to the campaign when they see it on the South Bank.”

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