ECHO Technology

Echo Technology

What is ECHO?

ECHO is a new type of patent-protected persistence of vision (PoV) display technology which temporarily and safely prints an image directly onto the viewers' eye. It is a revolutionary display medium for the out of home advertising industry, which has not seen disruption since the invention of the LED screen. 

Lightvert Echo Device

This is augmented reality for the naked eye.

In the out of home advertising market, value is driven by size and location. As brands and media buyers know only too well, demand for advertising space in premium locations far exceeds the space available.

ECHO’s unique technology unlocks large amounts of premium value real estate, previously beyond the imagination of advertisers. It produces a huge virtual image from a small, unique projector located in a mobile van or at the foot of a building. And it delivers an element of surprise that teases and engages viewers.

There are no screens, headsets, glasses or apps required. This is augmented reality for the naked eye.

Image projected by ECHO display

How does ECHO work?

The ECHO system consists of a single thin, vertical reflector, measuring no more than 200mm wide, and a proprietary high-power, high-speed projection system, fixed directly below or above the reflector.

ECHO is a Persistence of Vision (PoV) display technology. It works by breaking images down into vertical lines of pixel data and imprinting these lines of data on the viewer's eye. The image exists only in the viewer’s eye and not in reality.

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