Central Saint Martins Creative Competition

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We are delighted to have partnered with internationally renowned art and design college Central Saint Martins in a creative competition, inviting MA and BA students in graphic design and communications to design creative concepts for ECHO, our outdoor display technology. ECHO creates fleeting hyper-scale digital images that only exist in the viewer’s eye, driving new viewer engagement behaviours.

The winning concepts were displayed at a showcase event in London’s Granary Square, Kings Cross on Tuesday 13 March.

Students from the Graphic Communication Design Programme at Central Saint Martins were set a brief, which asked them to demonstrate the creative potential of ECHO to tease, surprise and engage viewers.

Commenting on ECHO and the creative process, Rebecca Wright, Programme Director, Graphic Communication Design, Central Saint Martins, said:

“Lightvert’s ECHO display technology provided a unique opportunity to test creative talent. Our students like to push boundaries and challenge the status quo of communications. ECHO gives them lots of scope to develop creative concepts for this incredibly exciting and engaging new technology. They have all responded to the brief differently. It has been fascinating watching them develop their ideas and get to grips with the opportunities ECHO presents to tease, nudge, inform, surprise and engage viewers differently. The concepts selected by the Lightvert team are a credit to the students and to the great working relationship that the Lightvert has fostered.”

The variety of concepts developed by the students demonstrates a huge range of applications for ECHO, from brand activation to event promotion and cause-related campaigns. To find out more about how the students approached the project, see the galleries below.

Joel Davies

Theme: Association

Joel’s concept makes powerful use of context and association. Targeting the aspirations of Central Saint Martins students, he used the power of ECHO media to align a fictitious business card printing brand with the aspirations of Central Saint Martins students within the context of their environment, Granary Square.  His concept takes its context from the location, the target audience and the likely mood or aspirations of viewers at the time of viewing. ‘Be Known is aimed at students at Central Saint Martins, who aspire to make their name in the world.

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Felix Uff

Theme: Nudge marketing

Felix focused on the ephemeral nature of ECHO imagery and applied this to the well-established theory and practice of nudge marketing. He created a fictitious hot sauce brand – “El Gulpo” – and developed associated content for the brand. This content was then displayed along prominent pedestrian thoroughfares to shopping locations where El Gulpo is sold. The combination of Felix’s bold content, simply displayed in areas with high foot fall, proved to be extremely effective in viewer tests.

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Jann Choy

Theme: Tease

Jann capitalised on the ephemeral nature of the ECHO medium to tease and intrigue viewers with adventure and the opportunity for discovery. Jan’s simple concept is to align the ECHO medium with a well-known urban events brand such as VICE or RedBullMusic, and to simply display post codes. Viewers could then choose to find the location of the post code in the city for the chance of an experience of a life time.

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Scene Peng

Theme: Cross cultural communications

Scene Peng’s concept focused on the playful associations viewers made with unfamiliar imagery. Scene identified a relationship between the Chinese character for Happiness and the English letters spelling OH OK. She let the viewer then enjoy the experience of free association.

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Michelle Lim Xue Ying, Andrea Li and Julia Nowak

Theme: Social causes

The team capitalised on the ability of ECHO to unlock new display locations unavailable to traditional media. They used ECHO’s ephemeral nature to raise awareness of the loss of trees within the urban environment. The team proved the powerful alignment between ECHO media and cause-related campaigns.

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